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Language Training

Our mission is to ensure that all of our students achieve their individual and professional goals in the most efficient manner possible.  As such, all students benefit from our complimentary evaluations, with direct teaching towards the student's specific language training needs.  Our trained and experienced staff and our dedicated client services department can offer flexibility and professional support to help each student realize his or her potential. 


Our Objective:


  • To help our Trainees succeed in the scheduled period of time.


Services Provided:


  • Language Training - oral, written, comprehension

    • French and English

    • private, semi-private and group classes

    • full or part-time

    • accurate evaluations and appropriate learning plans

    • on-site or on school premises

  • Evaluations

  • Development of Training Programs


Our Strengths:

  • Our Trainees pass their French as Second Language tests, in the assigned timeline.

  • We have the most qualified, experienced and devoted teachers who are available at all times for the Trainees.

  • Complimentary evaluations for all students, which are used to create individual training programs

  • Success of our students is our top priority

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